Wir können auch Deutsch unterhalten, wenn dass am einfachsten ist, sag mir bescheid bitte!

I communicate best in person but will do my best here. Most often the information below will clear up any questions. Sometimes there can be misunderstandings from not being in the same room. I offer a digital consultation before the ritual if needed. I reserve creative process and history conversations until we share space together. 

1. Information: Please send me your answers from the questions below in an email:


– Full name: (for my book keeping and receipts)

– Home address: (for my tax purposes only)

– Pronouns: (if you are comfortable I appreciate it) 

– Astrological Signs: (this is very interesting for me to know ahead of time)

– References: which available patterns or constellations or tattoos you resonate with. 

– Placement on your body: please send me well lit photos of the area to be tattooed for proportion. This helps us design much easier on the day spontaneously. (it is important to see what other tattoos we might work around as well)

2. Pricing: Generally a pair of one time only hand sized patterns or constellations can be tattooed each day. Important variables are placement, complexity of the design, textures, and your pain threshold. 

Your ritual will cost 150 per hour which includes 3 important phases. 

1: We will commence your ritual with shared practices and then divinate constellations and patterns together. We will collect inspiration from my archive and often draw on the day to find what you somatically resonate with. 

2. Next I will draw directly onto the skin freehand to fit your body correctly. Then then tattooing commences, held in my sober queer space without distraction. 

3. We close the ritual with photography that documents the time spent together celebrating the marking of your body. 

LARGE BODY WORK + SYNERGY COLLABORATIONS: I am very much interested in connecting with people for ongoing large scale tattooing. We can also find the right timing for Synergy collaborations with my dear friends who visit the studio.

For full back or full front / full leg or full arm tattooing it is wise to take it slowly. I can offer 2 – 3 days in one week staggered to keep your capacity and immune system up. A longer timeline is welcomed for travellers and can be scheduled easily. Finishing large scale body work timely depends on placement, complexity of design, textures, and how you are able to sit.

I offer a solidarity 250 sliding scale minimum per ritual for people needing this option. If you have any questions about this please feel comfortable to ask me directly. It is important to me that I can offer community support through these rituals. I would be honoured to work together on your embodiment. 

3. Deposit and final payment for your ritual: Please bank transfer 250 deposit to confirm your ritual once we are in agreement. (I will send you the studio address when we have made a concrete appointment). Please pay the remaining balance in person by bank transfer.

4. Arriving for your ritual: Come to the studio for 13:00 without friends or family. The entire process depends on our collaboration without distractions.

5. Mutual healthcare practices: Everyone in the studio must be sure to not arrive with a cold or fever.

6. Tattooing duration: We are usually finished our ritual by 19:00 for full day sessions.

7. Photography of your ritual: Please plan to stay for at least 30 minutes after the session for documentation of the tattoo, as it’s an important part of commemorating the shared ritual.

8. Cancellation policy: Rebooking your ritual as soon as possible carries over the existing 250. The deposit is no longer valid after 3 cancellations.

9. Self Care: Make sure that you have slept well, eaten well, and are hydrated before our ritual. Please bring snacks and water along, I will offer us tea. 

10. Pain threshold: Getting tattooed around a menstruation cycle can be emotional and taxing for the body. If you are struggling we can do breath work which helps regulate the pain.

11. Aftercare instructions for the general body. Please follow these steps diligently and ask me any questions until you are fully healed. If you are allergic to adhesives, let me know immediately and DO NOT USE the Second Skin bandage on your own. I will offer you an alternative approach to healing your tattoo.

Days 1-5: The Second Skin bandage can stay on for 1-5 days, because it allows oxygen and water vapour through, to help the tattoo heal. Do not leave it on longer than 7 days. Avoid using any glycerin soap while the bandage is on, as any glycerin residue can react with the adhesives to cause binding or irritation. If the bandage comes off early: carefully remove the rest by hand in a warm shower.

Day 5: The best way to remove Second Skin is to find an edge and pull it in the direction of hair growth. Pulling upward on the Second Skin can be painful, I don’t recommend it. In some rare cases, the skin can “stick” to the Second Skin bandage more than others, which can make it more difficult to remove. In cases like this, try removing it in a warm shower. The warmth will loosen the adhesive, and make it easier to remove. If that doesn’t work, use a small amount coconut oil and apply it around the edges of the bandage. Oils work to weaken the adhesive and make Second Skin easier to remove. In rare instances where none of the above work, baking soda mixed with water will certainly do the trick (although this is the last option for your removing it off your skin.) Apply a small amount coconut oil a few times a day until the tattoo is fully healed.

12. After Care Instructions for hands and feet:

Day 1: If the body is very swollen, you can aid healing by activating the lymphatic system. You can take ibuprofen for the first 3 days to relieve the pressure and promote circulation to the tattooed area. Keep the bandage on for as long as it will stay on up to 5 days.

Day 5: Remove the bandage and wash the tattoo with warm water and soap diligently in the shower. Let the skin air dry, use no towel to dry it off or wear clothing over it until it is has had a half hour to dry. Apply a small amount coconut oil a few times a day until the tattoo is fully healed.

13. After Care Instructions for hands, feet, palms, and soles. 

Day 1: Keep the bandage we choose on for 3 hours and be mindful of cross contamination. Remove it and wash your tattoo with warm water and soap once per hour until you go to bed.

Day 2: Apply a small amount coconut oil 3 times a day until the tattoo is fully healed. The tattoo will take longer to be completely healed than other areas of the body. The skin will seal over by the second day but will be healing from the inside out slowly. You will be back to normal function by day 2 without any lingering pain. Please contact me for more guidance via instagram which will be the quickest response time! 

Thank you kindly, Brody