Every Body is welcomed at UNIV ERSE Studio – come as you are. Brody Polinsky’s sober refuge in Berlin ushered in queer tattooing – recently celebrating 10 years in 2023.
Brody’s singular freehand patterns rituals are held in a private environment loving called the Mothership – as well home for several ongoing art practices, collaborations, and UNIV ERSE Skateboards. Approaching placement in harmony with the body has become their mark on ancient modern tattooing – you can choose to wear it like a suit of spiritual armour.

Over the years many dear friends have kindly contributed to keep the doors open – Servadio, A Brunello, Ant The Elder, Noel’le Longhaul, Sally Rose, Makoto Chi, David Schiesser, Iñaki Aires, S William, Framacho, Mr Oger, HB Nielsen, Richard Warnock, Kane Trubenbacher, Spider Death, Stewart OC, Tati Compton, Stano, Agelos, Nion, Dylan Homer, Nico Jacoby, Gäel Cleinow, Joshua Solomon, Joseph Bryce, Evan Paul English, Gusak, Katya, Paolo Bosson, Jonny Breeze, Pete Corrie, Mike Mendez, Mare Blk, Ewa, Timor…as well the past residents have kept the studio alive – Elke, Craig, Orne, Laurie, Chris, Erna, and Guilio.